When we onboard clients, our technology team asks them questions. Lots of questions, in fact, exploring every possible scenario. There’s no other way to get it right.

Every corporation is different, and every travel program is different. Some are high-touch, with limited use for online booking tools; others encourage self-booking, but need an authorization layer to keep travelers on policy. Some are laser-focused on cost management; others work in high-risk territories and need to prioritize duty of care. There’s a technology stack for every program, and it’s our job to design it.

In-house or third party?

Either. Both. It doesn’t matter. At Radius Travel we’re more concerned about what works. Our own tools cover authorization, profile management, reporting and more. Use Radius PTA to streamline pre-trip authorization, Radius Secure to stay on top of risk and duty of care, and Radius IQ to explore your data. We also offer a range of industry-leading online booking tools and a mobile app that keeps travelers on track with consolidated, at-a-glance trip information.

The global view

When you’re setting up a global travel program, knowing which tools work well isn’t enough. Our technology and implementation teams have years of experience in specific markets and maintain close relationships with our agencies on the ground. In other words: they don’t just know whether it works, they also know where it works. And if it doesn’t work where you need to operate, they know what will.