North America remains one of the most important and biggest markets for both native enterprises and international firms headquartered outside of the continent.

Whether you’re looking to gain an initial foothold here, or about to expand your current base of operations, our highly reputable and experienced network of agencies can design global travel programs that offer unrivaled and focused support. It’s about tailoring solutions that work for you, every step of the way.

North American Members

ADTRAV Travel Management

Since 1977, ADTRAV has provided professional travel management services to corporations, government contractors, universities, and federal government agencies across the globe. Their experience in managing travel to strict federal regulations is the foundation for their industry-leading quality and policy enforcement programs.

ADTRAV is a Concur Preferred Partner and is focused on delivering unique technology and expert assistance to augment Concur products and services by streamlining processes, enhancing data capture, and fully integrating agent-assisted reservations.

ADTRAV has also helped clients to deploy global travel programs in over 28 countries and continues to be a market leader in technology and global account management. This commitment drives their outstanding customer satisfaction rating and client retention rates!

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Maritime Travel

Maritime Travel is first and foremost Canadian! Maritime Travel has grown steadily through both acquisition and expansion since opening the first storefront in 1949 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Currently, Maritime Travel has 117 locations across Canada trading under Maritime Travel and LeGrow’s Travel (Newfoundland and Labrador) and is the largest privately owned Canadian travel company offering a full service, high-touch experience with a focus on both business travel and leisure travel and related offerings.

Maritime Travel generates over $320 million in annual sales and employs over 500 people across the country. Their client base includes multiple entertainment, oil and gas, industrial, educational institutions and professional firms across Canada.

Maritime Travel takes pride in their unique "boutique" approach to service and in having one of the most experienced teams in the country with their counselors having, on average, 15+ years of industry experience. Maritime Travel provides expertise to over 1,000 corporations across Canada and services the needs of their US divisions as well.

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Rafael Gonzalez, Executive Director, Global Agency Network 

“North America is home to corporate travel buyers responsible for a large share of the world’s consolidated travel program spend. It’s also home to a very strong lineup of Radius members that serve these buyers well within the region and work with us to tailor Radius global programs to these customers’ needs around the world.”


Is your coverage global?

Yes. We have over 100 partner agencies across 6 continents. Every one of those agencies is a carefully vetted local expert and a shareholder in the Radius Travel business.

How do you ensure consistency across your global network?

Through rigorous vetting, demanding SLAs and deep relationships with our members. Agencies join Radius through a six-step process that ends with board-level approval. Once they join us, they go through an eight-week implementation program that includes data certification and training on our sales, account management and operations processes. Finally, they become shareholders with a vested interest in the reputation and growth of the business. As well as working to the same standards, we’re all working towards the same goal.

What’s your approach to global account management?

We believe account management should be consultative and analytical. Radius global account managers (GAMs) don’t just act as day-to-day contacts. They also proactively monitor client programs for savings opportunities and service issues, consolidating data and feedback from each country. At local level, local account managers work closely with GAMs during the implementation process, and are responsible for adherence to service requirements. Our GAMs are also supported by global analysis specialists, who provide market-leading consultancy on all aspects of a client’s business travel and travel expenditure.