Home to a wide mix of developed and emerging economies, the EMEIA bloc (Europe, the Middle East, India, and Africa) continues to be a strategic destination for businesses looking to effectively manage their international operations.

It’s no easy task, given the sweeping differences between countries in the European Union alone. Factor in the Middle East, India, and Africa, and there’s a who layer of complexity to contend with.

We’re well aware of these challenges, which is why our network is comprised of agencies with a deep understanding of their markets, meaning you’ll benefit from an informed travel program that is customized to your particular needs.

EMEIA Members

Active Tourism

  • Responsible leadership to sustain all operations focusing on client satisfaction.
  • Collective knowledge for safe, comfortable and cost-efficient journeys.
  • Dedicated agents for speedy and attentive assistance for all travel related needs.
  • 30 years of experience and well-deserved market reputation.
  • Prepared to overcome challenges and find smart solutions.
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Btexpert, a division of Robintur Travel Group, is one of the largest independent travel companies providing corporate travel services through eight locations. Btexpert is also one of the leading role models in the Italian market of leisure travel with 90 owned leisure offices and a network of 200 travel agency members.

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BTS Travel

BTS makes the difference, making sure your requirements are met on the basis of a transparent, customized approach. You decide how you book: offline, online, via mobile, or any hybrid form. Only the best prices and routings apply to your company.

BTS looks after the day-to-day management of your travel expenses, with comfort and quality as the main pillars. Strikes? Unforeseen changes? Problems? BTS responds quickly and efficiently. Your designated contact person will solve any problems.

BTS has a team of experienced travel consultants who are geared up to give you and your company assistance and advice. Thanks to its latest technology applications, BTS can offer you a unique and complete service.

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Clyde Travel AB

Clyde Travel Management specialises in Corporate, Maritime, Offshore and Renewables travel and are owned by Northern Marine Group, the ultimate parent is Stena Group. Clyde Travel have an expanding international footprint with offices in the US, Sweden, India, and Scotland, and hold IATA licenses in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Netherlands, giving the ability to shop for customers in market and bill in local currency.

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DERPART Travel Service

DERPART Travel Service (DTS) provides the customized service required today for managing your corporate travel efficiently and professionally. Our top priority is ensuring smooth travel for you, so you can focus on what’s important. The special feature here: tailor-made support. Instead of a central call center, we are there for you on site – as your DERPARTner. Personal, close, customized – and with access to a global infrastructure that gives you secure processes and top conditions without any overhead.

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GeoStar, one of the leading TMCs in the travel industry in Portugal, has been recognized, beginning in 2018, as the best TMC in the country with a turnover of 145M€, a network of 36 stores, an internet operation, and three business travel centers in Lisbon, Porto, and Madrid.

GeoStar has a high success rate on end to end implementation projects with its clients, meaning high-cost reduction and an increase in savings.

GeoStar is focused on:
  • Global service travel management
  • Efficient operational management
  • Travel policy management
  • Service level commitment
  • Supplier direct negotiation
  • Control and effective cost reduction
  • Technologic innovation
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Inntel is the UK’s largest independent meetings management company. Inntel's head office is based just north of London, with account management and satellite offices across the UK. For over 30 years, Inntel has developed client tactical and strategic meetings and event management programs, supported by group and transient travel services.

Inntel's reputation is built on integrity, excellence in customer service, and delivering a quality product. Their success is due to the effort they put into understanding organizations' different needs and creating tailor-made solutions.

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ITL World

ITL World is an award-winning travel management company with a presence in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar markets, offering more than three decades of corporate travel, meetings and event management expertise.

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Latvia Tours

Latvia Tours is the largest travel company in Latvia with more than 25 years in business. Latvia Tours works with their clients to help them select their travel destinations, organize optimal travel plans, and make memorable meetings and events, be it for leisure or for business.

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Modi Corporate Travel

Modi Corporate Travel has been a leading travel management company in India for more than 30 years, servicing out of three locations in New Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai. The company provides expertise in all aspects of travel, including corporate travel services, group tours and packages, MICE, offshore travel management, and auxiliary services.

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Nautalia Viajes

NAUTALIA Empresas & Eventos is a company with a wide path and experience in the business travel and events segment. More than 700 people add experience, specialization, and a global vision to an offering of innovative solutions that provide real results to its clients. The main goal of NAUTALIA Empresas & Events is to generate trust and confidence in its clients to help them grow in a sustained and controlled way. This, together with its association with companies of great international importance and the diversification of products and services, makes NAUTALIA one of the most outstanding companies in the sector. View website


Proske has revolutionized the event landscape, pioneering a strategic approach to inspired live marketing. Proske “makes the complex simple" for strategic meeting management programs (SMMPs) around the globe, always making sure that strategy comes first. Proske specializes in the life science sector with years of experience and thousands of global events under their belts, with offices in Munich, Rosenheim, New York, and Raleigh. Passion and innovation are at the core of everything they do and how everything at Proske starts. View website

Satguru Travel

Satguru Travel was established in 1989 and are the largest travel management company in Africa with a presence in 47 markets across the continent. Headquartered in Dubai, Satguru Travel specializes in corporate and MICE travel and have numerous customers in the energy and marine sector.

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Selectour offers you a new look at your business trips by developing unique and innovative solutions that adapt to each client. Selectour is committed to optimizing all key phases related to the organization of your business trips. Selectour combines a perfect knowledge of local particularities with a strong purchasing power that makes the difference.

You will benefit from our expertise and the assurance of a more flexible, more responsive, and therefore more efficient service.

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Sharaf Travel

Sharaf Travel Services LLC was established in 1991 in the United Arab Emirates and has progressed to a position as one of the top 10 travel companies in that country. Currently, Sharaf Travel has five locations in the Emirates of Dubai, and one in each of the Emirates of Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, and one office in Muscat, Oman.

Sharaf Travel understands the needs of the corporate business traveler and is dedicated to servicing and satisfying every type of traveler.

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The New Standard of Business Meetings

The New Standard of Business Meetings is a Ukrainian business travel operator.

New Standard has a highly professional team which consists of more than 80 specialists. New Standard serves more than 30 corporate clients, among which are primary players in the IT, pharmaceutical, and agricultural markets in Ukraine. New Standard is engaged in a comprehensive solution of corporate objectives related to business travel and events, both in Ukraine and abroad. The company offers a unique business model based on three of their important resources: values, people, and technology.

New Standard's priorities are development, innovation, a responsible approach, and customer satisfaction.

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Thomas Cook (India), Ltd. (TCIL)

Set up in 1881, Thomas Cook (India) Ltd. (TCIL) is the leading integrated travel and travel-related financial services company in India offering a broad spectrum of services that include foreign exchange, corporate travel, MICE, leisure travel, insurance, visa and passport services, and e-business.

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Usit Colours Bulgaria

Usit Colours entered the Bulgarian market in 2002. Usit Colours focuses on organizing youth exchange programs and negotiating and offering special prices on airline tickets for students, youth, and teachers (SATA tickets). The company has progressed over the years together with its customers of youth programs, most of which, with age and career development, already have their specific travel needs.

By opening more offices across Bulgaria, Usit Colours began providing tourism services for leisure and personal travel. Usit Colours has expanded its portfolio to include airline tickets, without limitation to the type of travelers; holidays at home and abroad; cruises; hotel accommodation; train tickets; insurance; and other ancillary services.

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VCK Travel

VCK Travel B.V. VCK Holding B.V., established in 1915, owns a group of Dutch companies which are divided into logistics (under the names All Inn Logistics, VCK Logistics, VCK Air and Waterland) and VCK Travel. VCK Travel is the third largest business travel agent in the Dutch market with a business mix of 50% corporate travel and 20% marine and crew travel. VCK Travel services both a large number of commercial corporations as well as numerous government organizations.

Whether in The Netherlands or abroad, travelers want to be able to rely on a partner with international connections, the best possible rates, the lowest possible operational costs, and the best available service.

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VR Travel

VR Travel is a well renowned Danish-based travel management company offering corporate travel, group travel, and leisure services. VR Travel is headquartered in Vejle, Denmark, with a subsidiary in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland.

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Weco Travel

Weco Travel was established in Poland in 1992. Thanks to its professional approach and quality of services, Weco Travel is among the leaders in the Polish corporate travel agencies market. Weco Travel is a travel agent and business partner of large, transnational corporations and Polish companies, offering a wide range of services, knowledge, and experience, adjusting its service to their needs and expectations.

Weco Travel is a subsidiary of Danish company Weco Transport, committed to the comprehensive organization of business travels and air cargo services. Also at the disposal of its clients are the Weco DSB offices in Scandinavian countries, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, and Hungary.

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XL Oceanair Travel

Established over 30 years ago, XL Oceanair Travel is one of South Africa’s leading travel management companies, with branches in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town.

As a subsidiary of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed Seardel Investment Group, the company maintains its prominent position due to the expertise of its management, the quality and dedication of its staff, its unique application of travel technology, and consistency in building innovative products for a growing customer base of "blue chip" multinational accounts.

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– Steve Woodford, Director, Agency Network, EMEIA
“When consolidating a travel program that includes markets in Europe, the single most important thing to remember is the distinctions that define each individual market. While the European Union and the euro have made doing business easier across much of the region, there remains significant variability in languages, regulatory requirements, travel booking methods, access to travel content, and utilization of technology.

Consolidation is rewarding for companies that recognize these distinctions – and our members throughout the region are experienced in making sure our customers achieve these rewards.”

We continue to add outstanding agencies to the Radius network in the Middle East and Africa. These regions are home to many of the world’s fastest-growing economies, and multinational companies are looking for help in managing the growing travel needs of their offices here. With the growing strength of our network, Radius is able to meet these needs.”


Is your coverage global?

Yes. We have over 100 partner agencies across 6 continents. Every one of those agencies is a carefully vetted local expert and a shareholder in the Radius Travel business.

How do you ensure consistency across your global network?

Through rigorous vetting, demanding SLAs and deep relationships with our members. Agencies join Radius through a six-step process that ends with board-level approval. Once they join us, they go through an eight-week implementation program that includes data certification and training on our sales, account management and operations processes. Finally, they become shareholders with a vested interest in the reputation and growth of the business. As well as working to the same standards, we’re all working towards the same goal.

What’s your approach to global account management?

We believe account management should be consultative and analytical. Radius global account managers (GAMs) don’t just act as day-to-day contacts. They also proactively monitor client programs for savings opportunities and service issues, consolidating data and feedback from each country. At local level, local account managers work closely with GAMs during the implementation process, and are responsible for adherence to service requirements. Our GAMs are also supported by global analysis specialists, who provide market-leading consultancy on all aspects of a client’s business travel and travel expenditure.