1. Is your coverage global?

Yes. We have over 120 partner agencies across 6 continents. Every one of those agencies is a carefully vetted local expert.

2. How do you ensure consistency across your global network?

Through rigorous vetting, demanding SLAs, and deep relationships with our members. Agencies join Radius through a six-step process that ends with board-level approval. Once they join us, they go through an eight-week implementation program that includes data certification and training on our sales, account management, and operations processes. As well as working to the same standards, we’re all working towards the same goal.

3. What’s your approach to global account management?

We believe account management should be consultative and analytical. Radius global account managers (GAMs) don’t just act as day-to-day contacts. They also proactively monitor client programs for savings opportunities and service issues, consolidating data, and feedback from each country. At the local level, local account managers work closely with GAMs during the implementation process and are responsible for adherence to service requirements. Our GAMs are also supported by global analysis specialists, who provide market-leading consultancy on all aspects of a client’s business travel and travel expenditure.

4. What are your data management capabilities?

Radius operates a proprietary data warehouse that consolidates data from all global sources. We capture, aggregate, and normalize all data in-house, and can do so from a range of sources, including client proprietary systems and even competitors’ systems. Our technology allows us to drill down to the PNR level to identify gaps and errors, and our quality control processes ensure that uploaded data is fully cleansed and normalized globally.

5. How can Radius Travel help me drive savings and cost efficiencies?

We have a specialist team that works with GAMs to analyze client data and provide recommendations on savings and improvements across all areas including air, hotel, car, meetings and events, and compliance. But we aren’t just reactive. Our account development planning takes a longer view, covering buying behavior, peer group, and future trend analysis. And if you have your own ideas for potential savings, your GAM can help you refine and scope them through data analysis and forecasting.

6. How do you control and monitor service levels in your global agency network?

Our members have contractually committed to a detailed set of guidelines and SLAs covering criteria such as turnaround times, phone answering, callbacks and timeliness, and accuracy of data. If local data is fed into our aggregation center we are able to report back immediately if expectations are not being met.

We also have a series of global key performance indicators for staff and can put in place specific local market KPIs for clients who need them.

Agencies also maintain a Complaint and Compliment log, which is reviewed by our global account managers. Service anomalies go through a clear escalation procedure that seeks to resolve them speedily and at the local level where possible. Where necessary, issues will be referred to local account managers, global account managers, and finally senior executive sponsors.

Finally, a tri-party agreement between agency, client, and Radius sets out a clear transition plan in the event of the agency leaving the network.

7. How does Radius Travel select a TMC to use when they have more than one per market?

According to your specific needs. In some markets, we have more than one agency – and always for a good reason. In larger territories, we know that it’s important to have agencies on the ground in certain cities or regions where you need local expertise or just easy access to support. But it can also be about finding an expert in the right field. We’ll talk to you to find out exactly what you need and pair you with the right agency for your business.